RD 2000 x 63

Art. Nr.: 01-1333XL

The radial drilling machine RD 2000 designed for economic processing of oversize single parts and small batch productions with top accuracy. The high performance, user friendliness and the large variety of applications makes this model ideal for mechanical engineering, repair shops and mechanic workshops.

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  • Oversize base plate, ideal for processing of large workpieces
  • Torsion-free, polished column promotes sliding capacity of radial arm
  • Radial arm and drill head feature independent hydraulic clamp
  • Lifting motor allows for easy height adjustment of radial arm
  • Ideal for drilling, countersinking, reaming and tapping
  • Hardened, polished gears in oil bath
  • Polished surface ensures for smooth movement of drill head on radial arm


  • Box table
  • Morse taper drill sleeve MT 5/4, MT 4/3, MT 3/2
  • LED machine light
  • Initial filling with Shell Tellus 46
  • Coolant device
  • Lifting motor
  • Hydraulic motor
  • Tools
  • Height adjustable protective cover

Technische Spezifikationen

Drilling capacity max.

63 mm

Thread cutting max.


Distance spindle to column min./max.

420 - 2000 mm

Vertical movement of the support

800 mm

Travel of drill head (horizontally)

1580 mm

Spindle stroke

405 mm

Morse taper

MT 5

Spindle speeds

(16) 20 - 1600 rpm

Feed range

(16) 0,04 - 3,2 mm/rev.

Distance spindle to box table

290 - 1075 mm

Distance spindle to base

795 - 1580 mm

Clamping area base

1980 x 1240 mm

Box table (L x W x H)

940 x 625 x 505 mm

Motor power

5,5 kW

Machine dimension (W x D x H)

3100 x 1240 x 3370 mm

Weight approx.

6500 kg

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