About us

Since PWA’s foundation more than 30 years ago, our principles and ambitions have remained the same: to offer the most extensive range of wood, metal and sheet metal machinery and machine tool accessories at the best possible price – accommodating every customer’s individual need.

How it started...

...PWA – a Linz based family company founded in 1979 – started out as a retailer specialising in supplying machinery and engineering equipment throughout Austria. After fourteen years of sustained domestic growth, PWA made a successful switch across into wholesale (1993). A significant milestone was achieved when in 1997 when the “BERNARDO” brand was established.

Continued growth put considerable strain on our 600 m² Linz warehouse so in 2004 we extended the building to 2000 m². PWA expanded yet again in 2008 by building an additional central storage in Engerwitzdorf with a storage area of 3700 m2 (20 km NE of the state capital Linz). Upon completion, we then fully refurbished our original site in Linz converting the old storage area into a 1200 m² showroom that backs on to our head office. In 2014 it was necessary to expand our central storage in Engerwitzdorf (another 3500 m²) because of the positive business development. 

Today PWA employs 26 staff and supplies 26 countries with an extensive and a continually expanding product portfolio distributed from two sites.

There are many reasons that speak for Bernardo

Prompt delivery

The intensive cooperation with the suppliers and reliable shipping partners guarantee a fast derlivery.

Long-term experience

Decades of experience in sales are reflected in a maximum of know-how and reliable service.

Competent consulting

In a personal conversation you will be competently advised to quickly and easily find the right machine.

Top security

The satisfaction of our customers is an important concern for us and therefore always in the foreground.

Optimal price-performance

Through long-term business relationships and intensive price negotiations, we get the optimal price-performance for you.

Reliable service

Our service team is committed to help you with words and deeds and is always concerned for your satisfaction.


When selecting new products we pay particular attention to quality and try to secure it through strict internal quality controls.

Extensive range

Due to the wide selection of assortment, we are able to cover a wide range of application areas.

PWAs headquarters in Linz

Boasting 2000 m² of office space and showroom our Linz headquarters is the first stop for all our customers. Also located in Linz is our extensive spare part storage and repair shop. 

Because personal contact and customer support are important to us, we created a 1200 m² showroom presenting the majority of our range.

This allows our customers to view all products up close, while getting advice and insight into our machinery. Furthermore, the powering up of machinery to witness its functionality and applications can take place here on request. Competent technical advice and clear explanations of technical issues allow the customer to make a sensible purchase decision.

Our logistics center in Engerwitzdorf

In the autumn of 2014 our central storage unit in Engerwitzdorf was expanded up to 7200 m². Capable of storing 5,700 pallets, our large logistics centre allows us to stock approx. 90% of our products, guaranteeing prompt delivery throughout Austria and Europe. With a large number of incoming and outgoing goods each day Engerwitzdorf is a busy logistics centre. Long term cooperation with reputable carriers enables us to deliver daily or on specific delivery dates. Orders of all sizes are all dealt with by experienced staff.

We are Bernardo

Competence, reliability and flexibility are the three main characteristics that best describe our team.


Our marketing department work continuously on keeping our catalogues, special offers and our website up to date, ensuring consumers are always well informed about products and never miss out on a great deal.

Development / Purchasing

Selecting new products, which are in demand and meet customers requirements, is one of the most challenging tasks for our purchasing team. In close cooperation with suppliers we work hard to extend and optimize our portfolio regularly.


Top priorities include customer service, technical and commercial support and information on order status and delivery times. In addition, all of our selected retailers provide detailed information on all products.


Our logistics team works hard to make sure the product reaches you on time and in good condition. We prepare around 100,000 articles per annum for distribution around Europe.


Highly-trained employees are available for technical advice on demand. Spare part orders and repairs are processed in a quick and accurate fashion.


Commercial and general enquiries are promptly dealt with by the accounts department, providing the best possible advice for every individual.

Reliable service comes standard with all Bernardo purchases

One of the main aims of our service team is to deal with customers’enquiries in a quick and competent manner, leaving our customers satisfied at all times. 

Customer support

Bernardo staff offer personal support and expert individual advice when dealing with all forms of enquiries. Customer support is available at all times.

Spare parts and worn parts storage

Our 500m2 spare parts and worn parts storage facility enables us to hold large volume allowing the prompt dispatch of spare parts.

On-site service

To all our customers we offer machine assembly, start-up and training. Furthermore, an on-site service is available through one of our expert technicians.

Repair work

Repairs are dealt with promptly and professionally by qualified service staff.

Development and quality control

Customers initiate new and further development of our portfolio. Specific customer requirements in combination with market research lead directly to our suppliers’ product development. 

This form of close cooperation with our suppliers allows us to success-fully meet customers’ requests.

Customers initiate new and further development of our portfolio. Specific customer requirements in combination with market research lead directly to our suppliers’ product development. This form of close cooperation with our suppliers allows us to success-fully meet customers’ requests. Suppliers are selected carefully to ensure the development of high-quality products. However, safety first with all the quality improvements. That´s the reason why our machines have been checked by TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES GMBH since 2010. Extensive quality control is carried out by experienced technicians, both during and after production reassuring you the customer that you have invested in a reliable product. 

After PWA receives a product, we set about assessing it using a comprehensive checklist (testing protocols) to ensure continuous quality for the end user. Several test runs later, machines are prepared for distribution. In Europe we take full responsibility for our products to meet EU-standards. All products are delivered complete with detailed operator manuals and CE-compliancy checks.