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SHW 1000 ET


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Technische Spezifikationen


1000 kg

Max. Fork Height

800 mm

Min. Fork Height

85 mm

Fork Overall Width

520 mm

Fork Lenght

1140 mm




600 mm


530 mm


1250 mm

Battery 70/12 Ah/V
Battery Charger 8/12 Ah/V

Net Weight

140 kg


  • Character: Extremely easy to pump and light make this unit very suitable as combined hand pallet truck and lift table
  • Quick-lift as standard with automatic transfer to normal lifting with loads over 150 kg
  • Automatic descendng speed control by a uniquely hydraulic valve, the decending speed always keeps same regardless the truck with or without load. It will prevent cargo damage from fast descending
  • Front support legs and adjustable stabilizers extended to the floor automatically when the forks reach a height of 420 mm, to ensure maximum stability and optimum braking
  • Ergonomic warm handle offers you simple and comfortable operation
  • Heavy duty design: 4 mm steel plate fork and larger lift piston ensure the truck to reach rated capacity
  • Conforms to EN1757-4


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